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    How to Calm Your Flight Anxiety Before You Get on the Plane

    Do you feel a sense of dread when you think about being in the sky? You’re not alone! According to the Washington Post, about 40% of the general population repo

    Ick! These are the Dirtiest Places on a Plane

    Air travel is exciting – you’re soaring through the air, thousands of miles above the land heading to a faraway place to eat, laugh, learn, experience new thing

    What Happens If You Get Sick on a Plane?

    One of the last places you want to get sick is on a plane, especially if you’re on your way to a vacation destination. But the possibility of that happening is

    Rest Up! Get Better (Or Any) Sleep On A Plane

    Comfort on a plane? Most people would say that’s just not possible unless you shell out a ton of extra cash on first class seats. But it is actually possible! I

    Zen and the High Art of Sleeping On a Plane

    I noted with pleasure a recent post by Virginia Heffernanthat reveals her yearning for the ability to catch a sound nap on board a plane. After all, a refreshin

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