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    A Healthy Traveler’s Guide to Calgary, Alberta 

    The city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada is nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains—and it’s an urban epicenter for outdoor activities. Hundreds

    Your Healthy Holiday Travel Survival Guide

    Have you seen the classic 80s movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles? Unlikely travel companions Steve Martin and John Candy get stuck making their way home for t

    Healthy Options on Flights Are Hard to Find, Survey Finds

    Staying healthy while traveling is always a challenge – you’re out of your normal routine and environment and potentially in the position to not cook for yourse

    5 Ways to Feel Healthy and Refreshed After a Flight

    The only thing separating you from your much-deserved vacation is a plane ride. But if you haven’t prepared for your time in the sky, whether it’s just a few ho

    Turn Your Layover into a Healthy Wait Time

    Sitting on one plane for several hours and then having to switch planes and sit for another several hours can be, among other things, boring. Now add a few hour

    Eating Healthy in the Airport: An Infographic

    The healthy thinkers at Purple Parking, a company that provides airport parking services in the UK, have created this visual guide to help you eat healthily at

    Healthy Travel Snacks

    When preparing for an upcoming vacation, how many of you take time out of doing laundry, folding clothes, confirming trip details, etc. to pack snacks for your

    A Quick Guide to Eating Healthy at the Airport

    From the heavenly scent of crisp, golden French fries to the delectable whipped cream-topped caramel macchiato, our favorite guilty-pleasure foods are everywher

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