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    A Peachy, Beachy Apartment Inside And Out!

    When most people imagine summer, they conjure images of yellow sands and blue skies. But if you think a little harder there’s more colours on the spectrum: sunburnt skin, mango cheeks, striped beach towels, stonefruit fuzz and iridescent sunscreen slicks glistening on the water’s surface.

    It was this kaleidoscope of hues evoking the emotions, scents and tastes of peak summer that CG Design Studio wanted to tap into when designing a complete interior makeover of an 80s apartment on the Sunshine Coast.

    ‘We had previously designed a major renovation for the client’s home in Brisbane, so we knew that they were very drawn to bright, vivid colours,’ says interior designer, Julia Stojanovic. ‘The warmer and more vibrant, the better, so we embraced this in not only furniture and accessories, but also wallpapers and tiling.’

    Crimson padding accents the cane armchairs in the living room, peachy basins, agean blue shower tiling, orange tartan bedheads and vibrant throw cushions create a symphony of popping colours throughout the small space.

    ‘We wanted to establish a coastal feel, that was a step away from the default white and blue tones. Warming and brightening up the open-plan living area made for an interesting contrast to the cool ocean view,’ says Julia.

    Warm but muted structural material were key to allowing the colourful decorative pieces to flourish. Honey-hued carpets, sandy tiles and timber panelling (mostly oak shiplap) create a beachy backdrop, while a caramel-coloured in-built banquette dining seat completes the look.

    Structurally, the place was totally gutted and re-organised. Angular walls were removed and replaced with soft curves while the communal areas were re-organised into a gentle, open plan kitchen-living-dining space with views of the water.

    Understandable, of course, when the beach outlook is the main event!

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    Big pops of bold colour complete the sunny coastal outlook. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    The apartment on the Sunshine Coast was built in the late 80s. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    The interiors were gutted and the communal spaces were totally rearranged, making the living zones open plan and brighting up the dwelling. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    The dining area was re-positioned to the waterside section of the room so it could benefit from the sunshine and beach outlook. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Beaches inside and out! Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    A heavenly dining nook with tan leather cushions. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Timber joinery and a white tiled bench make for a laid-back yet contemporary kitchen. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Timber surfaces create warmth and texture throughout the material palette. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Even in a back corner, the reconfigured kitchen gets plenty of light! Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Terracotta-toned tiles line the shower in the main bathroom. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Blushing pink basins to match! Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    The clients wanted big, beachy, vibrant colours. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Muted tones, agean greens and pastels soften the bold colourful gestures everywhere else. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    Warm timber and cool deep teal tiles create depth and interest in the bathroom. Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.

    The second bedroom exudes a cooler palette, except for that orange patterned bedhead! Photo – Hannah Puechmarin.


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