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    #2013alive: Nipping Clutter in the Bud

    #2013alive: Nipping Clutter in the Bud

    During week 4, month 5 of our 12 Months of Wellness, we get to the bottom of things by reducing the amount of incoming clutter we receive.

    Good job! This past month, we’ve managed to sort our clutter by using the four box method, get rid of those old items that we couldn’t see a use for anymore, and organize our treasures so that they have a proper home.

    This week, as a way to try to make sure that things stay in their clean and tidy state, we’re going to determine how we can reduce the amount of clutter that gets into our homes.

    Ways to combat future clutter:

    • Reduce incoming paper clutter. Read the newspaper online instead of in print, or stop your junk mail by putting up a “no junk mail” sign on your mail box. Not only will you reduce clutter, but the environment will thank you for it!
    • Receive bills online. Similarly, sign up to have your bills emailed to you, or set up an account so that you can download electronic copies. 
    • Say “no” to receipts. Instead of constantly having to clear out your purse, pocket, wallet, and so on, avoid collecting receipts if you can.
    • Tidy before bed. Train yourself to spent 10 minutes tidying each night before you go to bed. You’re home, so make sure that your treasures are in their homes, too!
    • Set up an ongoing “donate” bin. Someone might grow out of a pair of shoes, or you might realize that you really don’t need that vase anymore. Instead of hiding them in a closet, have an easily accessible “donate” bin in your house that you can drop off at your nearest nonprofit when full.

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