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    This Week in Travel Health

    Staying healthy while traveling This blog exists for the very simple reason that it is not easy to stay healthy when you’re traveling. On the road, we all have a hard time avoiding stress, getting enough sleep, eating properly and maintaining exercise routines. But this week at USA Today, Nancy Trejos offers up six tips for maintaining your health while traveling.

    Staying healthy is important not only because of the variable quality of healthcare around the world, but also because of the wide disparity in healthcare costs – getting sick in the wrong country can be painful for your wallet too. At Health Insurance magazine, Madeleine Davies reports on a new study that examines the differences in healthcare costs around the globe.

    Of course, stress can skyrocket right out of the starting blocks when you’re traveling by air. The airlines don’t always seem to have a very high regard for passengers. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the somewhat quixotic concept of passenger rights.

    For the disabled, traveling can be extremely arduous – just fitting through the airplane entrance in a wheelchair can sometimes be a challenge. But at CNN, Rob Crossan writes about the advantages of traveling for people with disabilities.

    One of the great things about travel is that it opens your eyes to other cultures – the good, the bad and the impoverished. Many times we’ll return home from a trip to a developing country with a newfound empathy for the people we saw, and we’ll want to help. This is good, and we encourage you to try to find a way to give back. But just the simple fact that you made the trip helped a little bit – the BBC’s Lori Robertson reports on how tourism can alleviate poverty.

    Women traveling to India need to beware; a woman is raped there every 20 minutes. Reuters reports that several tourists have been attacked recently, leading UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office to issue a rape advisory for travelers to India.

    And the UK is also concerned about its citizens when they’re driving in foreign countries. They’ve launched a website as part of a new road safety campaign. There’s  been a rash of traffic incidents involving British tourists in popular destinations such as Thailand, Spain and Australia.

    Hong Kong is a fascinating, high energy city. More than seven million people live there, and a visit can seem like one long adrenaline rush that leaves you exhausted. Is there any respite from the go-go tempo? Yes – Jaunted offers up several pockets of serenity in the city that can help you relax.

    At USA Today, Caroline Morse provides tips for taking better pictures of your trip with your smartphone.

    And, lastly, I hope that your next two night stay in Paris costs less than Vice President Joe Biden’s.


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